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Training and Development for Delivery to Groups accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) cover the high-level transferable skills required by those who design and deliver training. These include reflecting on, developing, and maintaining own skills in training and development; planning, design, and delivery of training to groups; and assessing learning and evaluating training

Who this qualification is for

This course has been developed for people who are training in a vocational setting to give them underpinning knowledge of learning and development and skills in delivering training to groups.


Candidates enrolled in this qualification will learn to:
Develop knowledge and understanding of the roles, responsibilities and processes involved in training and developing groups.Produce objectives and session plans to meet the training requirements of groups.Identify and develop training resources for use with groups.Deliver planned interactive group training sessions using a variety of methods.Review the effectiveness of the training sessions delivered and of own practice using a variety of methods.Analyze and report on the results of the assessment and evaluation.Identify your own development needs and create an action plan.

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How this qualification is delivered:

The qualification is delivered through five days of face-to-face sessions with a trainer and includes an online pre-reading activity to be completed before attending the face-to-face sessions.

How this qualification is assessed

Candidates must demonstrate evidence of having acquired the knowledge and skills indicated in the program outcomes. Evidence requirements will consist of:
Reflective statements (responses to guided prompts)Answers to knowledge-based questions.Product evidence from planning, conducting, and evaluating work-based training.Observation and evidence of conducting training.Action plans for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).Record of continuing professional development.Professional discussion with the assessor.

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