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This program will allow participants to gain the knowledge and skills they need to engage with others as coaches and mentors and demonstrate the competencies expected at EMCC       Foundation Level. Participants will gain an understanding of the coaching and mentoring process and an opportunity to practice the skills required of a good coach or mentor.

Program Outcomes:

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:
Demonstrate an awareness of own values, beliefs and behaviors and recognize how these affect their coaching and mentoring practice.Demonstrate a commitment to developing and improving coaching and mentoring practice.Establish and maintain expectations and boundaries of the mentoring and coaching contract with the client and/or sponsor.Build and maintain effective relationships with the client and/or sponsor.Help a client and/or sponsor develop learning and insight into their practice.Help a client and/or sponsor establish relevant goals and outcomes and strategies to achieve them.Apply an appropriate coaching or mentoring model or technique to a given relationship.Gather information and feedback on the effectiveness of the coaching and mentoring process.

Coaching 1

Organization and Delivery:

20 hours of guided learning including 2 six-hour face-to-face sessions or remote delivery, six hours of guided simulated practice and two hours of online learning:
Session 1 – Understanding the Coaching and Mentoring Process, Models of Coaching and Mentoring, & Developing GoalsSession 2 – Skills for Coaches and Mentors, Conducting a Coaching or Mentoring Session, & Evaluating the ProcessSession 3 – Guided Coaching/Mentoring PracticeSession 4 – Practical AssessmentSession 5 – Global Code of Ethics (Online Self-Study)


The assessment of the course is a practical demonstration of the program competencies and completions of an online course on the Global Code of Ethics.  The program will be assessed against the following competencies and indicators.

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