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Developing Leaders (2)


This is a 4-week program that includes guided learning hours as well as self-study time and a leadership forum. The main purpose of the program is to equip senior leaders currently in middle to senior management roles to enhance their leadership skills and face future leadership challenges effectively.


This program aims to introduce senior leaders to topics that include resilience, crisis management, risk, decision making and business continuity. Participants are immersed in scenarios to apply theory in practical sessions using breakout groups. This ensures higher levels of engagement and encourages contribution from all participants.

There is a red thread connecting all topics which encourage leadership behaviors expected at this level of seniority with the focus on:
Moving from functional command to an organization-wide leadership mindsetLeading conversations, encouraging others and promoting curiosityEnsuring everyone can contribute to ideas and discussionsRecognizing the impacts on wide stakeholder groups, both internally and externallyBeing a steward of change to lead innovation and explore new threats and opportunities to address themIdentifying challenges of the future, whilst maintaining current services and meeting demands

The overall aim is to address the technical challenges and the transformational leadership mindset required to lead the organization of today and the future

Developing Leader 3
Developing Leaders

The main program topics include the following:

Week 1: Leading with purposeWeek 2: Facing the futureWeek 3: Future of workWeek 4: Assessment and Leadership forum

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