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Learning and Development

AFAQ’s forward-thinking and rigorous development approach can make a difference to your organization’s success

Leadership Consultancy

AFAQ brings a unique set of skills, tools and approaches to support organisations achieve their developmental and talent management goals

We focus on six main areas:

Providing bespoke solutions in l and d
Talent recruitment and management
Succession planning
Competency frameworks
Career pathways
Change management

AFAQ is based in ultra-modern, purpose-built facilities in Abu Dhabi. This includes a state-of-the-art immersive learning suite and multimedia learning and assessment centres which work for a range of activities

Coaching and Mentoring


Are you interested in becoming a qualified Coach?

Our foundation programme is accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. We equip you with the skills, underpinned by a code of ethics and supported by a fit for purpose toolkit to enable you to thrive as you develop as a Coach.

Immersive Learning

A powerful and engaging learning and development experience that takes participants out of their comfort zone.

Our contextualized scenarios quickly immerse participants into a risk free ‘authentic’ problem or situation where competencies at core and leadership level are demonstrated individually and in a team setting:

Problem solvingDecision makingTeamwork Communication

This highly engaging process can support participants to more effectively reflect on their own practice and provide a platform to explore further professional development.

AFAQ tailors scenarios through consultation with clients to more closely meet organisational goals and participant needs. We can assist with follow up and follow through to support ongoing professional development to build capacity and develop sustainability.

Online Courses

Learning is moving towards more inclusive and collaborative approaches where it is no longer affordable nor convenient to conduct in confined classroom settings. To keep up with this growing trend, we design and deliver a wide range of diverse eLearning solutions that cover almost every aspect of professional life in engaging formats.

At your fingertips
We focus on providing a great user experience: digital learning at your fingertips.
Our practical, interactive and dynamic courses combine learning ‘on the go’ with the ability to use all devices to access and interact with you, our valued learners.

At your own pace
We design our programmes in a modular format to allow you to learn at a time that is convenient for you:

Problem Solving
Time Management & Prioritization Skills
Strategic Thinking Skills
Empowerment, Delegation & Motivation Skills
Creative Thinking & Innovation Skills
Lead & Manage Organizational Change
Self-Development Skills
Teamwork & Collaboration Skills
Effective Resource Management

Future Foresight

Get ready to face the unpredictability of the future that is rapidly changing due to the technological advancements occurring around the world.

This program helps you build capacity for future thinking and strategic foresight. You will learn and test practical tools for:
Scenario planningEnvisioning possible, probable and preferable futuresMaking future-informed decisions