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Bespoke Programmes

AFAQ for Leadership Development, a forward thinking leadership and organizational development consultancy, works closely with organisations to bring out the best in senior leaders, managers and teams.

Founded on a deep cultural understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader in the UAE, we specialize in designing, developing and delivering bespoke assessments and development solutions which are meaningful and relevant to achieving organizational success.

Our origins are found in working with the public sector and government ministries, as well as offering services to the wider business community.


Our Vision

To be the organisation of choice enabling leaders to expand their horizons

Our Mission

To develop sustainable leadership capability and capacity enabling people and organisations to reach their full potential

Our Team

To inspire the best, we only work with the best.

Our team has extensive industry experience locally, regionally and internationally.
We collaborate with top tier universities to add insight underpinned by current research, thinking and practice

AFAQ’s success squarely lies with how we work together as a team. A diverse team who have local and international experience have helped AFAQ grow and develop across a range of diverse and creative projects over the last 10 years.
Everyday there are examples of how our values of integrity, excellence and teamwork filter through our internal work and as a natural progression this is reflected in the support we give all our clients.

Caroline Borthwick
Chief Executive Officer

I enjoy solving problems, embracing challenges, and achieving goals. My main role is project management, specialising in psychometric assessment. The pleasant working environment and the level of friendship we have as a team alleviate our busy and productive schedule.

Halah Jasim
Learning and Development Manager

I enjoy technical challenges and taking on the responsibility of managing IT infrastructure, operations, service delivery and business continuity. My role at AFAQ gives me the opportunity to work frequently on new, interesting and challenging projects, so I learn more and feel well rounded

Abdul Rasheed
Information Technology Manager

I enjoy having the opportunity to interact with all AFAQ employees on a daily basis, assisting with their HR queries and offering support when needed. In fact, it’s my colleagues who motivate me as I learn about their roles and gain an insight into the varied backgrounds, interesting work experiences and skill sets that they bring to the company.

Lamia Dan
Human Resources Officer

I am a holistic life and career coach and accredited by the ICF. I have over 11 years of experience in the field of assessment, as I am a certified assessor from the BPS. I have a wealth of experience with psychometric tests, assisting clients in gaining a thorough understanding of themselves and their preferences.

Amna Saleh
Scholarship Program Coordinator

I provide learning support as an administrator and I am also the designated contact for our e-learning students. I enjoy all the detailed parts of my job, such as analysing data and information. I like to troubleshoot any potential flaws in a system or process and appreciate being part of a busy and productive team.

Hanane Akabli
Learning and Development Support Services Officer

My aim is to implement the projects schedule and work to provide accuracy, smooth performance and remedy obstacles, as an integral part of the diligent and distinguished team.

Tarek Abdelwahab
Learning & Development Operation Assistant

Seasoned IT Professional with several years of application deployment and systems management. Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for analytics, as well as for comprehensive troubleshooting and complex issue resolution, I have a verifiable history of contributing directly to company growth and expansion throughout my career.

Abdallah A. Ismail
Information Technology Assistant

A confident and reliable IT support engineer with extensive practical experience of working with computers. Possessing a proven ability to administer and control the operation, configuration and maintenance of computer-based information systems, as well as having an eye for detail and able to multi-task under pressure.

Ahmad Masa
Information Technology Assistant

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have adopted high standards of social commitment into the heart of our business since our inception. We always strive to achieve positive change and develop a sustainable business that cares for its employees, customers, environment and society.

We support the knowledge base economy development including empowering young future leaders.

We proudly organized different leadership boot camps for young people aged between 14 and 18 years old:
NRC (Student Leadership Development: Summer Camp)MOE (Aspiring Young Leaders: Planet HOPE)